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On April 7, 2013, all nine members of Skibbereen Town Council in West Cork voted for a motion calling for an immediate cessation to water fluoridation. The motion was brought by Fine Gael Town Councillor and National School Principle Brendan McCarthy.

From May and June of 2013 this website functioned to make the the process of contacting Councillors, local water authorities and Ministers easier whilst they were deliberating on this motion. Unfortunately the flawed F.S.A.I. report was cited widely as a reason to ignore Skibbereen and continue with this outdated mandatory governmental policy.

Over 5000 forms were filled out in a short space of time and with respect to Councillors, Ministers and Local water authorities in-boxes the website ceased in promoting Skibbereen Town Councils motion calling for an immediate end to Irish water fluoridation.

Whils the State sucessfully squashed the motion, the ice cold facts remain.

  • The act of administering fluorosilic acid into the piped water supply exisits because over half a century ago the State deemed the act to be the cheaper and easier solution than having to educate sub groups of citizen’s about poor diet(including excess dietary sugar) and inadequate dental hygiene.
  • Education is the best preventive defense against dental carries not lacing drinking water with fluorosilic acid. Dental decay is caused by poor education, diet, including excess dietary sugar, and inadequate dental hygiene, there is not one plausible reason to constantly ingest fluorosilicic acid.
  • The State continues to disregard the most elementary rules of medical ethics and basic human knowledge by continuing to endorse and enforce the act of adding fluorosilic acid to the drinking water.
  • The act of adding fluorsilic acid into the public drinking water is an indirect administration on the undiagnosed, the unconsenting and the vulnerable, without checkups, without being informed of alternative methods, without a control of dose, without consistency and without accountability.